A Diet For Jujubee: Also Known as Fertility Dieting


A lil update on where we are so far…

In the same damn place.

The midwifery clinic we’ve chosen doesn’t have any openings for the next 2 weeks for Kenni’s exam and our iui counseling. And we’ve been told that if we go with them for iui (which we are) that we can’t start insemination until the fall (apparently they’re popular with Brooklyn lezzies)… around the end of September, the beginning of October. Which I guess is fine. We’ve waited this long… what’s 4 more months???

So while we wait, we prepare.

I’ve been googling EVERYTHING about this process. About how to make it easier and what, if anything, we can do to prep Kenni’s body (mine too, since I’m our backup plan) to be able to take the iui successfully.

Being the control freak that I am, I need to feel that we are in charge of SOMETHING. That in this journey, that at the end of the day is completely out of our hands, that there is something… ANYTHING we can do to help the process. Even a little bit.

Stop #1… Our diets

Well… I think we eat pretty damn good. Or at least I thought we did, until I started looking up things that help fertility and things that hurt. Which, don’t start researching unless you want to feel like a shit person and like your fertility has to also be shit because apparently you don’t make good choices like you thought you did.

I mean, we eat (mostly) organic, we’ve cut a lot of our meat except for the occasional chicken wings. We keep organic veggies and fruit in the fridge and actually eat it… That stuff is expensive so we make sure it gets used. I make green smoothies most mornings… So, we’re good, right???

Ummmm… Wellllll…

If we want to optimize fertility… Then nope.

Here are a list of things we’re supposed to be doing to help Jujubee push through.

  1. Eat only organic fruits and veggies -This is so that you avoid pesticides and nasty stuff you should really already be avoiding.  We can check this one off!! Already done.
  2. Eat only grass-fed and organic meat -OOOHHH look!! We can check this one off too! As everyone in 2018 should know, conventionally raised cattle have all sorts of hormones, antibiotics and chemicals injected into them. You should be avoiding that mess anyway.
  3. Only eat free range and organic chicken- Again… CHECK!! And we’ve actually slacked on chicken anyway after watching What The Health? on Netflix. I couldn’t, in good conscience continue to regularly eat the stuff. If you haven’t seen it, I would tell you to go watch it, but I PROMISE you won’t want to eat anything… ever again. So… Next is where things get a little like… Ummmmm??
  4. ELIMINATE sugar- ???????????? *insert blank face emoji* Whaaat??? All sugar??? Yes… ALL SUGAR that’s not from fruit and stuff. So no Sugar,  sweeteners… including honey and agave. That means… NO BAKING for me!!! That’s my stress reliever so I don’t know how I’m going to deal!!!! Maybe I can bake and just give the stuff away. I HAVE to bake…
  5.  ELIMINATE caffeine *dies inside a lil* If you know me personally, and see me on a daily basis, you hardly ever see me without a cup of coffee in my hand! Especially on a long day of ballet teaching… sigh…  That one may have to go to REDUCE caffeine for me.
  6. ELIMINATE or greatly reduce dairy-  Supposedly it is linked to poor egg quality. A definite NO NO. This one is going to be hard for Kenni. Even being lactose intolerant hasn’t stopped this girl from eating whole pints of ice cream in a sitting or pouring cups and cups of milk on her cereal. Well… If we’re cutting sugar, that cuts all of that out anyway so…
  7. ELIMINATE soy, processed food, white carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice etc), alcohol and anything with trans fats- Ok… this should be doable but… You know how much that eliminates… totally going to take some practice.
  8. ADD LOADS of seaweed, whole grains, olive oil, avocado, seeds, beans and nuts- THAT we can do

One website I read even said to eliminate anything COLD (as in beverages) and cold raw veggies. Apparently you want to keep the uterus nice, warm and inviting for baby… I don’t know if this is a real thing but I’m willing to try. It sounds kinda hippyesque but it can’t hurt anything so why not.

All of these things seem MOSTLY doable and we’re going to give it a good go for it. It really just looks like a healthier diet in general so if nothing else hopefully we will have perfect skin and energy to spare.

Step #2 is to try to get rid of MOST toxins.

That means paraben free, plastics free, sulfate free and fragrance free. Even switching to all natural feminine hygine products. I’ve always known about the crap they put in them but when you research it, you get cramps just thinking about it!!! Diva Cup anyone?

Is it overboard… prob… Can we commit…prob not… But I feel like doing even some of this will help.

I don’t know. I just reaaaally feel the need to be in charge of something!!! And if something as simple as overhauling our diet and a few small changes in the products we use, helps our Jujubee, then it’s all worth it.

Anyway… it’s not forever right?? Once we have Juju in her 90s themed bedroom I can get back to my coffee breaks… Right???

6 thoughts on “A Diet For Jujubee: Also Known as Fertility Dieting

  1. I love your list! very comprehensive. There is sooo much to learn about TTC. I don’t think you have to give up baking though! I bake quite a bit using Swerve – it’s a natural sweetener, with no calories and causes no insulin spikes – which are bad for fertility. https://amzn.to/2qAJNVc (that’s my affiliated link but you can find it at some grocery stores) I found a lot of good recepies from A Big Mans World blog. As for only eating warm/ no cold things, I think that’s more crucial around ovulation and in the two week wait (after IUI) So I try not to stress it during the mestural or follicular phase of the cycle 🙂
    I’m so excited for you two starting a family!


    1. Oooooohhh! The whole cold foods thing makes total sense now lol!! Thanks for the advice! And I’m definitely going to look for the sweetener you mentioned… like now lol! Love and light to you!!!


  2. Hey, I’m excited to have found your blog. You two are gorgeous and seem to have lots in common with my wife and I. We are in Canada, just rounding the 13th week of pregnancy, both considered carrying. I’m a teacher, dancer, writer. She is in media and film. Looking forward to following your journey. Good luck!


  3. The future jujubee is so lucky they get to have a 90s themed bedroom i love it!! And I love this blog, your charismatic personality jumps off the pages and I dig it! Fertility diets are a bitch – I have PCOS so I’m essentially mandated to be on a particular diet to be fertile enough. Good luck to you lovely ladies and I’m excited to be a part of the process (as the audience hehe)


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