First Consultation Down. Another To Go!


We had our first IUI consultation on Wednesday! Finally!

I got the date and time correct this time, so yay!!!

It went well!

Kenni had an exam and we went through our options as far as IUI is concerned.

Kenni has no known fertility problems and we have been told that the fibroid shouldn’t be an issue so we’ve decided to go the non medicated route with a midwife first. So the goal is to monitor her ovulation for the next couple of months… Then once we establish a pattern we will, hopefully, do the first insemination around August during whatever week she’s most fertile. We’re going to try this for 2 cycles.

So fingers crossed.

We do realize that this route may take a little longer but that’s fine. It still matches up with our timeline so we’re good!

And, of course, we have a backup plan. C’mon… We wouldn’t be Kentoya if we didn’t!

So… Not only did we have the IUI consultation but we also went to a fertility seminar at this super fancy fertility clinic in Midtown Manhattan. It was super informative with seemingly really good doctors with really good advice. We took lots of notes, got to ask lots of questions and have an appointment for a consultation with them also. It’s complimentary because we attended the seminar so why not go see what the fancy place has to say. We had always planned on a second opinion and it helps that we get a $350 valued consult for free. (I’m kinda nervous we’re going to end up loving them and want to go to them if we need ivf… Then we have to figure out how to pay for it!!!!)

They’re going to give Kenni another exam including her fibroid and tell us what they think. Hopefully it matches up with everything we learned at the clinic we plan on using for iui.

The one we plan to use is lots less medicated, which is what we are looking for. We’re kind of natural girls at heart. Kenni doesn’t even like taking Advil, so the thought of injections… Well she would rather not if she can help it. We know this can totally be done without meds and that’s what we are hoping can happen for us. Only time will tell I guess. I’m learning that they’re are so many ways to do this and that every woman’s journey is completely different. It’s actually really encouraging!

But… If the 2 cycles of unmedicated iui end up being duds then… We’re on the road to IVF. No need to waste money and time on something that’s not working. And this will be the point where we switch clinics if we really like this new place when we go check them out.

I’m also thinking of doing my fertility workup now so that we have a super clear picture of what’s going to happen in the next few months. Just in case I’m needed to step up to the plate. We want all of our ducks in a row.

I know all of this sounds crazy complicated but we don’t have the luxury of amazing insurance that covers all of this… We’re paying mostly out of pocket so it makes things more complicated.

Ok… So that’s the update. Not super interesting, I know. But we’re on our way.

Now on to things I’ve been reading/thinking about…


I’ve just started reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility, and I’m mad that I’m just discovering this book! It has some really good, clear information in it about your menstrual cycle and ovulation.

We’re going to start charting Kenni’s cycle, temps and cervical fluid in an effort to see when she’s most fertile and this book helps SO much.

When I first read about charting, it seemed tedious and unnecessary but after reading only a little of the book I can see where that is so helpful! Especially when trying to conceive. Although this book is not just for those trying to conceive. I really do recommend it for every woman who is still menstruating.


Co- Breastfeeding…

Like…as in the non- gestational parent also breastfeeding.

Is a thing and I had NO clue.

I wasn’t even aware that you could produce enough breast milk to norish a baby if you haven’t given birth!

Mind completely blown!!!

Some adoptive mother’s have chosen to do it for their new baby’s. And it works.

Not without a lot of manipulation, some medications AND LOADS of patience but it can be done.

I don’t think it’s for us but I definitely understand why couples consider it.

There’s a bond that comes with breast feeding that you don’t have if you’re the non breast feeding parent. Not to mention that if you produce enough milk then you can help with all the feedings that need to happen.

I’ve read some beautiful stories of women who shared breastfeeding with their wife. Some for actual norishment and some just as a comfort to the baby. All say they were glad that they did it. It seems weird when you initially start to think of it. But the more I researched the more it see why couples consider it.

It’s definitely worth the research of you’re as fascinated by it as I am. I’ll probably do a more in depth post on this at some point. It really is interesting

But beware if you’re research includes YouTube.

When I was researching, I did come upon video of inducing lactation… Not for baby but… For your partner…

REALLY read the YouTube description before you click play on a video for it.

Not that it’s bad if that’s your thing. This is a judgement free zone. I just was expecting a mom describing her experience… The more more I watched the more I was like. OOPS wrong video!!!! *Facepalm emoji definitely needed right here*

** If this post is full of typos FORGIVE ME! Totally doing this on my way to the studio… Of course *shrugs*

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