Our First Bump In The Road

Hey guys!!!

I know, I know! It’s been a while since I last posted an update!! Things have been incredibly crazy!!! Kenni’s been working her butt off! I’ve been to L.A. and back! Just SOOOOOOO much! So… Here’s an update!

About 2 weeks ago, Kenni and I went to meet with and RE to double check and second opinion that everything was good for us for baby making.

That day just happened to be the 2nd day of Kenni’s period, which is also the heaviest. She called the clinic to make sure that it was still ok to come in and they said that it was actually the PERFECT time! So off we went.

Now… When I say Kenni’s periods are heavy… That’s kinda putting it mildly. Remember, Kenni has a history of fibroids which makes her periods MUCH heavier than most women. So, really, she didn’t want to leave the house. But we had rescheduled once already and just wanted to do it so that we could move forward, so when they told us it was good to come in we went.

By the time we got there Kenni wasn’t feeling well and was really bleeding.

We met with our doctor and went through the usual questions that they ask about health history. She said that she would do an ultrasound sound on Kenni to check the fibroids and bloodwork. For me, they would only do blood work to check my AMH levels and genetic testing.

She took Kenni back for her exam and as soon as she saw how much Kenni was bleeding she knew Kenni’s fibroids had grown.

The ultrasound confirmed it.

The fibroid is MUCH bigger than the last time it was checked about a year ago and she has tiny ones in her uterine lining. It seems that the only option is surgery to remove them. Because of where they are located the doctor is concerned about miscarriage or pre term labor. There shouldn’t be a problem with GETTING preggo… But we definitely don’t want to risk miscarriage if we can prevent it.

So surgery it is.

Which includes a 3 month recovery period… Which puts our plans a little behind schedule.

Kenni is sad but taking it like a “G”. Surgery is the last thing she wants but if it helps us bring Juju home, then that’s what has to happen.

The good news here is that both of our AMH levels and overian reserve look really good for our age so hopefully we can be pregnant within a few cycle once we start. We were told there should be no problems with actually getting either one of us pregnant so at least there’s a silver lining.

We were actually thinking about having me cycle first while waiting on Kenni to have her surgery and taking time to heal. I guess that’s still an option… We just need to talk more about it. Kenni had her heart set on doing this before the year is up and I really don’t want to take that from her. So maybe we’ll just wait it out…

So many decisions and it’s only been a week to process all of this so we’re still not really sure what we’re going to end up doing.

We have contacted the gynocologist recommended to us by our fertility doctor for her surgery. Hopefully we will have an appointment with her soon and get more detailed information that can help us make a decision.

We knew there would be ups and downs in this journey so we’re not discouraged. Just impatient!!! But even small steps are steps and we will get there eventually.

For now we focus on Kenni’s health and by doing that we make more room for our Jujubee.

So keep us in your thoughts as we navigate this bump in the road.

Other than that…

All is well…

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