Cycle Day 1… Another Month, Another IUI

Hey heeey!

So… we’re back at it!

After taking a month off, we’re back in the IUI saddle.

It’s the start of my period (or at least sometime today or tomorrow it will be) and we’re just waiting for it to finish so that we can start tracking my ovulation to get ready for an IUI round.

I have to admit. This entire month off, I’ve been a little emotional off and on. Mostly the emotions are out of frustration. Frustration that it takes all of this for us to have a baby. Frustration at myself for waiting this long… maybe if we had started this process a couple of years ago then maybe we would be pregnant by now. But… we weren’t ready until now. Mentally or financially. Then there is frustration for NOT being ready!!!

There’s a lot of being hard on myself these days. I know that doesn’t help the process go any faster but… my thoughts are the only thing in my control right now… sigh… Which is why I should be thinking positively, which I do most of the time, but sometimes… the thoughts get to me.

Even with all of that, I don’t regret taking the month off. I was able to relax a little and my sleep returned to normal (I was having MAJOR sleep issues). I was able to eat things I haven’t had in months (Still no coffee or alcohol though) which made me feel tons better. It’s amazing how eating a couple of slices of cake can make you feel like a new woman!!!!

Even with all the emotions I’ve been experiencing, we’re going into this IUI cycle with loads of positivity. All the whole trying not to get so excited that we’re devastated if it doesn’t take. And thus the crazy world of IUI. It’s the weirdest combo of getting your hopes up and not getting your hopes up!!!! Sooooooo weird!

But, that’s the update. That’s all there is for now! Still waiting for Jujubee!!!

Love and baby dust to all of those who are waiting for their babies!

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