We’re Baaaaaaack!!! New Cycle and A Video


It’s been forever!! We know!!!

Almost a year. There’s kind of too much to catch you up on but if you know us personally, you know, we are still not pregnant…

It’s ok though! We tried every other month until September. Then from October-February we took a break for the holidays. Mostly just because… holidays.

Christmas is my favorite time of year so I didn’t want to be worried about temps, diet and pregnancy tests during that time. It was nice to just feel relaxed for a while and not have to think about TTC.

But now… this month we’re back to it!!!

We’re in a TWW (Two Week Wait) as we speak. So… we will see what happens!!!

In the meantime, Kenni and I just celebrated our 18th anniversary!!!!

We made a video to mark the occasion!!! All about when we fell in love!! There’s also a brief TTC update thrown in there!

Check it out!!

While you’re there make sure you Like and Subscribe!!

CLICK HERE for That’s My Baby Mama YouTube

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