About She and Me

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She’s Kenni (the blonde), I’m Toya!

If we were a celeb couple we would be “Kentoya”… or maybe “Toyken” (ewwww… let’s not do that one).

Anyway,  we are a married couple living in Brooklyn, NY.  I am a ballet dancer/teacher, she is a makeup artist (how NYC of us… I know). We’ve been together 16 years and we are FINALLY planning on making a baby! And with us both being mid to late 30s… the race is on!! We want to get all of this done by the time we’re 40!

What will this lil corner of blogdom be about?? Well, I’m not actually sure. I guess it’s mostly to document our journey, no matter where it takes us and mostly to sort out my thoughts about the whole thing. And hopefully I can get wifey to come on every now and then and post her thoughts. We’ll see… she’s not really the blogging/social media type.

I hope you can make out my random thoughts and ramblings and maybe get a glimpse into our crazy, beautiful and mostly hilarious life!

Sending love and light to you (yeah… I’m a love and light chick… a unicorn… you’ll deal and learn to love it!!).