Putting Ourselves on Blast?? Why Not?

As I write this, I’m on the subway, commuting to 1 of the 2 dance studios I teach for.

I just finished going through all of the messages of support we received via Facebook and text messages and we are overwhelmed and completely blessed. We’ve always known that we have a village of people who love us but now we know we also have a village of people who will love Jujubee just as much… Or maybe more.

As I was reading I had a thought. Well 2… My first was… Ummmm we needa car… Asap… Like… I’m not sure either one of us is going to be wanting to ride on a pissy smelling subway while preggers. Like… Hell nah…

The other (and most important and less random) thought was…

Kenni and I both have coupled friends who have gone through TTC the same way we’re going about it… Just quieter. Most we knew about but each couple decided to keep it a secret until they had already gotten pregnant.

We seem to be going about this a lil differently. Which, if you know us well, tends to be how we do things.

So… Why put our lives completely on blast about something that is so deeply personal and is mostly out of our control?

Attention whores???

Ha! I guess that’s debatable but… Again if you know us well, you know that is FAR from the truth. Most things we deal with as a couple. Except for a few (and I mean a few… We’re talking like 5 people and our family) super close friends, we don’t really tell many people anything about our lives in detail… A lot of our moves we make quietly, although you wouldn’t know it if you follow my social media. If it’s funny enough it’s GOING to get posted to social media. Our lil daily antedotes ALWAYS get posted. Somethings are just too ridiculous to keep to yourself!! Especially in our household…. For reals.

Nah. Attention seeking is not how we roll… But one of the main reasons we decided to let everyone in on what’s going on is because we’ve been together soooooo long, and everyone we know, in their own little way has asked, and apparently LOTS of people are invested in our relationship that we thought it was only right to share!!!

We have so many people who have been rooting for us since the beginning and so we want them to be apart of this ride.


I’ve been obsessed with baby blogs for the last month or so. In particular, LGBT baby/ parenting blogs. They are all so cute and so informative and many, very emotional as they go through the process. But what I surprisingly found missing was blogs with women of color. There are HUNDREDS of baby blogs with non brown couples… But almost none with black folks. I every now and then run upon an interracial couple and get SUPER excited and immediately book mark the website. But I think I’ve only found 2 blogs where the couple was gay and both parents were black.

Not that color matters. It doesn’t. I mean… My family… It’s literally a beautiful rainbow of ethnicities. We could be an ad campaign for what an inclusive modern family looks like. And one of the donors we’re considering is white… So.. we obvi we don’t give a poop emoji about that…

But sometimes it’s just good to know that someone who looks a little like you is going through what you’re going through. Representation matters. For everyone.

And… Almost NONE of the couple’s in these blogs are our age!!! Like… They’re almost all in their 20s and if they are 30s they are early 30s and prob started this whole thing years ago. Apparently we’re getting old in baby making years… We kinda knew it… We just didn’t want to admit it. So shout out to all the mid 30s and older ladies TTC (Trying to conceive) WE GOT Y’ALL!!! We gon’ be out here reppin for y’all!! Are our eggs all dried up????? NO!!! Are our uteruses all saggy, baggy and out of commission??? HELL NO!! Or… Oh Gawd I hope not!!!! Damn… we should have done this sooner… sigh…


Another reason we decided to go public (see I love to imagine we’re a celeb couple… too much pop culture news) is I love to write down my thoughts. I feel like when you put things in writing that you’re putting your wish/prayer out there to the universe/God. Once it’s out there, if you’re doing your part… It’s bound to happen one way or another.

Anything I want with all of my heart, I write it down.

That’s what this is.

So yes… We’re probably oversharing but it has a purpose. Maybe someone will read this and it’ll help… Or at least make them smile a little.

Or maybe this is just for me, Kenni and the people who want to see us win… Either way, I have every intention of posting until we get a Jujubee… So keep reading if you want to see what it’s like for 2, 30 something lesbians , who still think they’re 20 something and sometimes live like it’s 1997, make a baby.

*Shrug emoji*

Doctor’s Appointment on Deck

So… first post…

And first real day of planning Jujubee (that’s what we’ve chosen for a nickname, its so…us)…

We are in the VERY beginning stages of this whole thing. We have decided that since Kenni is a year older and has a rough history with her periods that she would try conceiving first. She has been in touch with a midwifery clinic here in Brooklyn to #1 get a well woman appointment to make sure the equipment is working how it should be. She has fibroids that landed her in the hospital 2 years ago, so we just have to cover all our basis. If, God forbid, the fibroids are going to make things go a little slower for her, then I’ll step up to the plate to be Jujubee’s home for 9 months.

#2 To have our first IUI consultation to see what the exact process is and basically scare us and have us anxiety ridden until we actually have a Jujubee safe in our arms.

This has been a LONG time coming. After 16 years together, (I was 20 when we met, she was 21) we’ve put this off for years. Why? Fear.

Not fear of having a baby, we have always known that we wanted to raise a family together. We always speak of our future little one and we’ve discussed how we want to raise him/her. But yet, we were both scared.

In our 20s it was being scared of giving up the life we had already created together. We went out a lot. Drank… A lot… Kenni smoked a lil of the green stuff and we lived like typical 20 somethings living in NYC… just together.

In our 30s the fear comes from not feeling like we have our shit together enough. Like, we still feel like kids. We have an apartment, pay bills, go to work, eat organic, the drinking is VERY minimal (a bad night of Fireball made that cease), the smoking is COMPLETELY non existant and a lit night now is ordering sushi and watching 3 or 4 90s movies in a row before passing out with the Buddy (our 4 year old chihuahua/husky mix) between us. So we are pretty good 30 somethings. But are we together enough to take care of another human being???

We just felt like things weren’t perfect enough.

You see, the blessing and the curse of being lgbt, being married and starting a family is that you can plan EVERYTHING out. You HAVE to plan EVERYTHING. From when you start, to who provides sperm (or eggs), who is going to carry… Most of the preliminary stuff to get started having a baby is in your hands. It’s not like your most straight friends who just up and one day are pregnant.

A control freak like me’s safe place…

or is it?

In my control freaky mind, everything has to be perfect. Our life had to already be perfect. We have to have a house that resembles Stef and Lena from The Fosters or we have to be making as much money as Bette and Tina from L Word (really, maybe I need to just lay off the lesbian television).

But really, none of that matters I guess. Sure we would love to be more financially blessed… who wouldn’t, and we would love to have a huge home with the kids’ art work everywhere… but we live in Brooklyn so the huge home is more of an apartment… but we can still have the kids’ artwork everywhere.

Point is… nothing is going to be perfect. But we have to trust that the life we have created is perfect for us and the love that we have for one another is perfect. And that the love we have for and going to give Jujubee is perfect. Living and leading through love is something Kenni and I strive for everyday of our lives. We try not to act on or say anything that is not from love. So… That’s how we are going to approach this. Through love and faith.

So… Kenni’s doctors appointment is still pending but will probably be next week or the week after. Just waiting on confirmation from the midwife. For now I’ll just keep reading lesbian parenting blogs and researching iui’s and ivf and everything needed for lesbian baby making.

This feels right. For the first time… things feel right…

OH! P.S. I just realized while proof reading this that this may be the first time some friends and family have heard that we’re going to start this journey… well… SURPRISE HOMIES!!! We told y’all that we would really do it one day!! Better late than never, huh?? *shrugs*