Random Ramblings on a Friday…


Another day… Another temp reading and another day of fertility dieting…

This having to document your temperature in the mornings has proven to be a pain in the ass.

Either we can’t remember or the thermometer goes wonky. There’s always something. But I’m proud to say that we’ve successfully monitored Kenni’s temp for about 2 weeks now.

We’re still not sure of how to read the damn chart (what is a baseline and where and when do we put it on her chart?) or really what we’re doing at all but I guess practice makes perfect?????

And let’s be real. We really just plan on sending them in to the midwife when her cycle is over and let her translate it for us… Because… Kenni and Toya…

Oh! Mental note to buy an ovulation kit today!!!!

Fertility dieting is actually going smoothly.

When I do things I kinda go big or go home with them. So I quickly realized that I needed to back off of Kenni a bit. I think I was a little too intense for her and started to stress her out. Now we’re mostly sticking to the plan all week and having a cheat day midweek. And by cheat day I mean a snack or meal that is still healthy but may not be exactly on the diet.

Although for Mother’s Day we COMPLETELY cheated. We went to visit Kenni’s mom in the Bronx and well… Let’s just say that anything she cooks will definitely not be on the diet!! Like.. at all. And I baked so we (obvi) ate cake! But other than that it’s going well! I’ve even been able to just have 1 lonely ass cup of coffee a day… And I don’t bite anyone’s head off during the day!!!! So… Definite progress.

While we wait to be able to inseminate, Kenni and I have been having some serious talks about how we want our Jujubee to grow up. We’ve had these talks a million times over the 16 years we’ve been together but now its even more important because it’s not just random conversations and daydreaming. These are talks, that in a few months (hopefully) will be things that we will actually be putting into action!

One of the long talks we had the other day was that we both agree that we are leaning towards homeschool for Jujubee. At least for a while. And least while we are still in NYC.

There’s a few factors that made us come to this decision.

For me… It’s mainly because I’ve been living in NYC for a while and there are no public schools here that I would trust my kid to. Not to say that there aren’t some really good schools here… There are… I just had SUCH a good education during my elementary, middle and high school years that I’m verrrry picky.

There are also certain things that are important to me that my kid be exposed to. The arts, is of course, one of them. Now… I would LOVE my child to be a dancer, but we all know that you just never know. So really I don’t care that they BECOME artists (if they’re super book smart or into sports that’s good too) but I want them to appreciate art, performing and visual, and have education in them. I need my child to feel free to be as creative and imaginative as possible. I know we could do that as parents and still send them to public school but I want it as their education. Not as an extra curricular or side note.

I feel that homeschooling will let us be a little more hands on with what Juju is learning and how they are learning it.

I’ve actually been researching different homeschool curriculum. We have LOADS of time right now but I’m just want to be prepared when the time comes.

For Kenni (and really both of us)… All of these school shootings have gotten out of hand.

Kenni’s mom is a retired teachers’ aid for special needs children. Last year Kenni went to visit her mom at school and while she was there, the school has an active shooter drill. She thought it was a fire drill at first until teachers started barricading the doors. She came home a little emotional and said she can’t imagine having to go to school and that be a part of your schooling. She said right then that we should think of homeschooling. And I didn’t argue.

We had fire drills and tornado drills. But…Really… Active shooter drills??????? What on Earth has our country come to that this is necessary??? And I do understand that it is necessary. But it really is heartbreaking.

We know we won’t be able to protect Juju from EVERYTHING but… At least this is a choice that we can make that we think would be best for our family. Once Juju is old enough to be like… “Ummmm… I’m over this whole homeschool thing”, then we will revisit our decision and update it. Bit for now, this is how were feeling. Only time will tell though.

*shrug emoji*

Ok. I think that’s it for now. Trying to think if I skipped anything…


We’ve been spending time babysitting our friends kids!!!! Getting a little practice in!! We ROCK at babysitting… But then we just spoil the kids and give them back so… That’s but saying much but it’s good diaper changing, batheing and feeding practice!!!

So I’ll leave you with this RIDIC cute pic of Kenni and our close friends baby boy… Now our God Son.

I can’t even with the sweetness of it!